Diversity Fund


As a part of the mission to promote diversity for the Office of Public and Government Affairs, a fund has been created to stimulate concepts that further the attainment of values and goals set forth by the office’s diversity committee. The Office of Public and Government Affairs’ diversity fund seeks to “move the needle” on the diversity values and goals developed by the committee.

The four values are:

  • Diversity is important because it exposes us to multiple, rich viewpoints.
  • We are standard-bearers for communicating the institution’s commitment to diversity.
  • As communicators, we translate knowledge and information to serve diverse audiences
  • OPGA should exemplify the diversity we support.

Project Overview

The OPGA-DF seeks to fund projects that foster, encourage and enhance significant changes in interpersonal department relations, communications and education on diversity—both internally and externally. Applicants are encouraged to identify partners within OPGA or from colleges and units across campus.

Fund Guidelines

The OPGA diversity committee welcomes program requests that enable values to become reality. Proposed projects should be meaningful, manageable and measurable. Funds will not be provided to individuals. The diversity committee may also recommend use of these funds for projects related to addressing of improving diversity as related to the fund guidelines.

Additional Guidelines

The primary applicant(s) must be from OPGA.

A brief proposal must list the following:

• Values that will be addressed in the proposed project 2

• Partners who are a part of the project

• Budget and timeline • Expected outcomes

• How success will be measured

Prospective applicants are encouraged to discuss the project concept with the diversity committee prior to submission. Applicants should contact the chair of the OPGA sub-committee on diversity grants to schedule a time to meet with the committee by January 15, 2017 to discuss your project and receive feedback.

Applications will be accepted twice a year with the first applications due by February 15, 2017.

Award Information

The total budget for grants awarded per calendar year is $25,000.

Expenditure Deadline

Single-year awards must be spent within one calendar year of the execution of award contracts. Two-year awards must be spent within two calendar years of the execution of award contracts. Awarded funds will be disbursed upon the initiation of the project.


Grants can be renewed after an initial award with up to 3 renewals (consecutively or nonconsecutively). Note: The DF is not required to fully allocate all available funds during each grant cycle. Unallocated funds will be carried forward for future distribution.

Ineligible Use of Funds

Proposals that discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or political affiliation will not be considered. The DF may support projects that target groups that have been subject to historical discrimination.


Single-year grants must submit a mid-year progress report and a final project report. Two-year grants must submit three progress reports and a final project report.

Selection of Awarded Projects

All requests will be notified of award status by March 1, 2017. At the conclusion of the project, awardees must present results to the staff of the OPGA.

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