Diversity Fund Project Description

OPGA Diversity Fund Project

As part of the Office of Public and Government Affairs (OPGA) Diversity Committee, OPGA is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for projects that focus on diversity and inclusion. Proposed projects should foster and encourage significant changes in interpersonal department relations, communications and education on diversity and inclusion—both internally and externally.

The OPGA Diversity Fund committee will evaluate project proposals and provide grants (maximum of $25,000 per calendar year) to implement projects and/or activities. All OPGA staff members are eligible to submit a grant proposal that is consistent with the diversity plan goals.

Mission Statement

As a part of the mission to promote diversity within the Office of Public and Government Affairs, a fund has been created to stimulate concepts that further the attainment of values and goals set forth by the OPGA Diversity Committee. The OPGA Diversity Fund (DF) seeks to “move the needle” on the diversity values and goals developed by the committee.

The four values and goals are:

• Diversity is important because it exposes us to multiple, rich viewpoints.

• We are standard-bearers for communicating the institution’s commitment to diversity.

• As communicators, we translate knowledge and information to serve diverse audiences.

• OPGA should exemplify the diversity we support.


The OPGA Diversity Committee welcomes program requests that enable values to become reality. Proposed projects should be meaningful, manageable and measurable.

Grant funds are to be used for educational purposes only. In project-related publicity, funding credit should be given to OPGA’s Diversity Fund Grant program.

Examples of projects that could be funded include: training, workshops, forums, multi-media, films, video, outreach activities, and development of printed materials or media about diversity and inclusion, or that highlight one of the OPGA’s diversity values or goals.


The deadline for Spring 2017 proposals is February 15th. Funds must be expended by the end of the 2017 fiscal year (June 30, 2017). A proposal may not replicate an existing project or initiative. The proposal must relate to one of the four values of the OPGA Diversity Plan (see above). The committee will prioritize projects which are collaborative across units, departments and organizations. Notification for submissions will be sent by December 1st. Projects that begin or extend into the next fiscal year will be considered.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects will be evaluated for the extent to which they align with the following criteria:

• Anticipated effectiveness in furthering OPGA diversity goals

• Relevance to theme of diversity and building an inclusive community at UIC

• Innovation and creativity

• Potential for project outcomes to build a diverse community beyond project end date

• Collaboration across units, departments and organizations

When a project has concluded, grant recipients are expected to submit a final report that assesses outcomes and provides an accounting of expenditures (fiscal receipts).

Submission Process

Before submitting any proposals, applicants should work in close consultation with the committee to identify and articulate their strategies for achieving OPGA diversity values through the use of funds. Please submit a letter of intent describing your topic, your proposed research approach, and your skills and expertise. The letter of intent should be no more than one page (250 words) and should be submitted via email to jboynes@uic.edu by December 15th. Include “OPGA Diversity Fund Project” in the subject line.

After submitting a letter of intent, prospective applicants are encouraged to present their ideas to the committee by January 15, 2017. The committee will provide feedback on project ideas within a week of the meeting.

Following the meeting, the proposal and budget should be submitted via email to jboynes@uic.edu by February 15, 2017. Awards will be announced by March 1, 2017.

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Diversity Fund Proposal Template- To submit a proposal, complete and return this MSWord document